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Empowering Global Trade with Know-How

At A&A Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on being the key player in international trade and investment for selective customers, including investors, traders, and manufacturers worldwide. With a legacy built on trust, we offer not just advice but comprehensive solutions that navigate the complexities of today’s global market dynamics.

Our tenure in the industry is marked by a deep understanding and insightful analysis of international trade and finance. This extensive experience underpins our reputation as the go-to partner for clients, banks, and suppliers seeking informed, reliable guidance across a spectrum of trade matters—from policy intricacies and legislative landscapes to compliance strategies and administrative proceedings.

Latest news

16 Oct – 23 Oct
K-Show 2019,
Düsseldorf in Germany

Launch of our new Website

We are excited to announce the launch of A&A Business Solutions’ newly designed website. Our goal with this new designed website is create a user-friendly

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What We Do

We cover a wide spectrum of services supporting our clients in all stages of their business..
Business Development Consulting
We support foreign enterprises of various sizes in entering Middle-Eastern markets and promote their trade by offering unique services such as management consultancy, providing information about import and export regulations, in-depth and industry specific market analysis, and legal advice …
Foreign Trade and Procurement
A&A Business Solutions offers supply chain service of products from source to destination. We provide value-added holistic solutions, from the procurement of the raw origin to logistics facilitation like quality inspection and cargo loading …
Trade Finance
Clients leverage our creative structuring capabilities and unrivalled network to benefit from a full spectrum of short to medium-term trade finance solutions to help clients execute strategic transactions. …