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Foreign Trade and Procurement

Foreign Trade and Procurement

Over the years we have established and refined strong relationships with suppliers that form the foundation of our global sourcing network. With suppliers in many countries for many categories, our database is diverse enough to offer clients a single source for most of their procurement needs and the assurance to find the products of the quality and price that suit their requirements.
With years of experience in international trading and established relationships with global manufacturers, we have been providing our clients with world-class procurement strategies and innovative business management solutions that enhance their business performance and help them reduce costs.
Our team consist of industry professionals who play a significant role in the procurement process — from the moment of inquiry to the stage of delivery. Our experts diligently match suppliers’ products with our clients’ requirements and ensure that these are delivered according to agreed terms and conditions while seeking maximum value for all parties involved.

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We support our clients in all stages of handling a documentary letter of credit, from acquiring a business to settling the final payment to protect them and minimise their risk.
A&A Business Solutions offers supply chain service of products from source to destination. We provide a value-added holistic solution, from the procurement of the raw origin to logistics facilitation, like quality inspection and cargo loading, to payment through recognised financial institutions. With these services, our clients accomplish secured business transactions with ease.


A&A Business Solutions rigorously adheres to UCP600 banking rules and Incoterms 2000, ensuring clarity and security in our trade practices. This commitment safeguards transactions and fosters trust among clients, streamlining the global trade process.

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