Who we are

We have been the trusted partner of choice in international trade and finance to many investors, traders and manufacturers.

Our Story

At A&A Business Solutions we understand and appreciate the challenges that companies face in today’s fast-paced business world. Our clients approach us with unique and complex challenges that require specialist and, most of all, actionable solutions tailored to their business. As a boutique advisory and trading company, we are proud to offer our clients exactly that:

Although we have a track record of successfully completed projects across a wide range of categories, we have specialized our services and operate primarily in the industrial and financial sector. This way, we are able to focus and continuously develop our expertise to yield better project experiences for our clients. The depth and breadth of our expertise and our global network of strong partners and suppliers as well contacts to financial institutions allow us to address every client’s needs with holistic and tailor-made approach.

We combine the profound understanding of our key industry sectors with operational excellence to support both SMEs as well as large companies with global operations who require support managing their sourcing on a global basis. We aim to provide our clients with efficient procurement strategies and innovative business development solutions that help them thrive even in the most challenging environments.

With our headquarters in the heart of Düsseldorf, we have found the perfect strategic position with a unique logistical advantages. From out central location in Europe, we can easily access large European cities around us, benefitting from international transport links, airports, and harbours.

Our Mission

We strive for total customer satisfaction through quality service and constant communication. We leverage our capabilities to give our clients a competitive edge and attract highly qualified employees, who will ensure the constant progress of the company and the continued top- quality service. It is our vision to be the trusted partner of choice who best understands and satisfies the product and service requirement of our clients globally.

Our Team

Our team is the foundation of our success and our corporate culture. We put emphasis on recruiting highly qualified individuals from different backgrounds with the right mindsets and skills to navigate through today’s challenging business environment. To continuously improve the quality of all our services and keep up to date with the fast-paced business world, we invest in the continuous development of our employees on every level.

Our teams are lead and inspired by our senior managers who are actively involved throughout our projects and bring in years of experience and vast portfolios of many successfully completed projects. Having been in the business for so long enables them to anticipate and quickly respond to our client’s needs.

Being aware that an inclusive culture can maximize the potential of diverse perspectives within an organization, we value flat hierarchies and encourage communication throughout all levels and departments. This way, we bring together exceptional people and combine their strengths, thereby realizing their full potential while enabling truly innovative thinking, driving better decision making, and increasing organizational agility.