Project Finance

An ideal instrument for large and capital-intensive projects.

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Project Finance

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Project Finance represents an ideal financing instrument for large and capital-intensive projects. Depending on the size of the project, its financing can create a large liability that will reflect negatively on the company’s balance sheet and even affect its available borrowing capacity.

This ideal loan structure eludes these problems, since financing is solely provided for self-contained, financially, and legally isolated investment projects. Since this type of financing relies mainly on future cash flow of the singular project as well as project assets, rights, and interests, corporate assets and cash flows remain untouched, significantly reducing the risk associated with capital-intensive projects.

Among all the benefits of project finance, risk identification and allocation are probably the most crucial components. Projects may be subject to a variety of external factors, like environmental, economic, and political changes. This is particularly true for developing countries and emerging markets. Companies planning to realize their projects under such conditions, can benefit from project financing options to protect existing assets while operating in high risk market environments.

Why consider project fiance? 

 project is legally separated entity, protecting company assets

✓ reduced risk and opportunity for risk sharing

✓ extended debt capacity

✓ increased competitiveness

✓ increase certainty of the cost of a project

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How we can help

We have years of experience in structuring and supporting complex project finance in Germany as well as internationally. Our deep understanding of the matter enables us to objectively evaluate our client’s project ideas and asses their suitability for a project finance solution. With our global network and reliable relationships to … we are able to find the right parties to step in and provide credit facilities to our clients.

We analyse our client’s projects and support them in developing individual financing structures that are tailored precisely to meet their unique needs. Our highest priority is to make sure that the interests of our clients are understood, well-represented, and properly communicated. In that, we are with them every step of the way, providing assistance with the conception, structuring, and implementation of even the most complex project financing solutions. Having found the right option, upon request of our clients, we lead and / or support them in negotiating the terms of the project finance.

We have supported clients in particular in the following sections:

• Utilities (power stations, electricity networks, etc.)

• Traffic Infrastructure (tunnels, etc.)

• Manufacturing Industry (Industrial Machinery, steel production, etc.)

• Near-commodity projects (petrochemical, etc.)

In addition to our financial advisory, we take on the arrangement of large-volume loans for project financing, which can be complex and costly to assemble, especially compared to conventional corporate financing structures. We provide tailor-made, holistic solutions when putting together international financing syndicates. This also includes designing the project structure, dealing with project-related legal issues and regulations, negotiation of project ownership, loan documentation, and other contracts.