Who we are

We have been the trusted partner of choice in international trade and finance to many investors, traders and manufacturers.

Our Story

At A&A Business Solutions we understand and appreciate the challenges that companies face in today's business world. We take pride in being responsive to our clients, and we are proud of the services we provide for each of them.

Headquartered in the heart of Düsseldorf, we are a purpose-driven company in starting and acquiring new trades and businesses that complement our ever-increasing scope. Our strategic position enables us to be the gateway to some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

We operate in a variety of different industry sectors — from commodity markets to ICT. The depth and breadth of our expertise and our global network of contacts allows us to address every client's needs with holistic and tailor-made solutions. A&A Business Solutions also provides investment opportunities and business development for companies actively looking to expand into new markets.

Our clients include SMEs as well as large companies with global operations, who require support managing their sourcing on a global basis. With years of experience in international trading and established relationships with global manufacturers, we aim to provide our clients with world-class procurement strategies and innovative business management solutions that enhance their performance.

Our Mission

We strive for total customer satisfaction through quality service and constant communication. We leverage our capabilities to give our clients a competitive edge and attract highly qualified employees, who will ensure the constant progress of the company and the continued top- quality service. It is our vision to be the trusted partner of choice who best understands and satisfies the product and service requirement of our clients globally.